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HEArt at Cesar Chavez

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Juan (left) takes a moment to show off his self-imagery painting.  Using Q-tips, HEart students create “pointillism” pieces, using dots of color to create images of emotional experiences in their lives.  Both Oscar (right) and Juan have mastered the challenge of mixing primary paints in order to create a wider selection of colors.

HHH at CollegeTrac in EPA

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

The Music Mural & Arts Project has extended the History through Hip Hop program to include a Monday evening class at CollegeTrac in East Palo Alto.  The program is headed by two up and coming MMAP dignitaries; Patrick Davenport and Grant Newsome.  Both MMAP and CollegeTrac take pride in the collaboration of offering this program during the fall semester.  The class meets once a week from 5:30 PM – 6:45 PM on Monday nights in the CollegeTrac recording studio.  So far after productive class session; students are learning creative expression and vocabulary skills in combination with an introduction to music technology and production skills.  The class begins with a sample track taken from genre of music that is going to be covered that day.  While listening to the music, students free-write for 10 minutes to express themselves.  Students can share their free-writes if they so choose, it is tool to encourage written expression either in verse, poem, or paragraph form.  After the writing session vocabulary words are given out and then the students are asked to use the words in a sentence and provide a definition in their own words.  Following vocabulary is a history lesson of the culture influences produced by different artists and songs from the genre.  Spoken word exercises help the students communicate and gain confidence in public speaking while emphasizing the importance of expression.  This group of student’s is eager to learn about the cultural and historical events caused by the Hip Hop movement and to discover new musical talents that they posses.  The class also teaches music technology such as ProTools, a music production software.  All of the students have shown an interest in the music industry such as dancing, rapping, making beats, and production.  Stay tuned for an update after next weeks class session.