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Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

In the final week of 2009, the ISA middle school students transformed the white wall of the Parents’ Room with strokes of vibrant color.  The mural is still in the beginning stages – we’ve almost completed the first layer of paint, an under-painting using opposite colors.  In the process, students are learning basic color theory.  What are primary colors? What are complimentary colors?  The students are learning how the layers of under-painting affect the vibrancy of the final result.

The mural design is based on students’ discussions of self-esteem and the challenges they face as young adults.

The parents' room mural uses colorful imagery to depict the challenges faced by youth in their everyday lives. A road descends from Potrero Hill, where many of the students live and where they attend ISA to "Live, Learn, and Love." The road enters a maze that the students must navigate to reach a lush field of poppies and wise tree. Where night turns to day, two hands embrace with the love and trust that is so important in all of our lives.

Underpainting with opposite colors, 12-17-09

Oriana focusing on filling in the letters on "Live, Learn, Love"

Sarah teaches some blending techniques

HEArt @ Costano Begins!

Thursday, December 17th, 2009


HEArt at Costano Elementary in East Palo Alto began this week!  This quarter, our Costano program focuses on graffiti arts to teach healthy lifestyles for youth.  The rock star teaching team for this urban graffiti program, “HEArt of the City,” includes Magda, a graffiti artist and PhD student at Stanford, Laura, a muralist and senior at UC Santa Cruz, and Zaid and Marilyn, our Teen Art Instructors.

In the first week, students are introduced to ways graffiti enables healthy changes for the self and the community.  Students learned about the graffiti alphabet and basic elements in a graffiti piece.  They got to see examples of graffiti pieces, and then practiced their own tags!

Our new HEART OF THE CITY graffiti students check out some cool graffiti books:

HEArt @ Starr King

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Franny helps Joseph make a snowman.

12-4-09: Students continue to learn about how to make healthy eating choices. Students learned how to read nutrition labels on food packaging and then compared different brands of cereal by their nutrition facts.  After considering the effects of different fats, carbohydrates, sugars, vitamins and minerals, students modeled their favorite healthy snacks out of clay.  For the remainder of class, students were encouraged to continue using the clay to model whatever they chose.

HEArt @ Chavez

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Students learned about tricks that advertisers use to sell their products.  Class began by reading the “Recipe for A Perfect Burger” which details how an advertising company used 3 lbs Ground beef, vegetable oil, brown food coloring or molasses, 100 hamburger buns, 2 cases of lettuce, a dozen tomatoes, paper towels, Superglue, tweezers, a paintbrush, waterproof spray and glycerin, to create a commercial advertisement for the perfect-looking hamburger.  Students discussed popular food advertising campaigns and their associated mascots and slogans.  The students then broke into groups and chose from several different products to sell.  They thought of a mascot and slogan for their product, dressed in appropriate costumes, and acted out commercials.

Two 8th graders act out a scene to sell spray on starch. Dressed as a clock, Yazmin tells the audience not to waste time ironing their clothes.

A group of 6th graders hard at work on their advertising campaign to sell candles.