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HEArt Student Spotlight – Ana Henriquez

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Ana Henriquez, Cesar Chavez Academy, 8th grade

Ana is a talented 8th grader who always has a smile on her face. On Wednesday, Ana learned about the color wheel and the relationships between primary, secondary and complimentary colors.  She worked hard to collage a beautiful heart, pictured above.   At first a little camera shy, Ana soon warmed up and helped take pictures of her classmates’ peace signs and hearts in the school yard.  Thanks to Ana for her enthusiasm this week!

HEArt Student Spotlight – Michael Dorman

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Michael Dorman, ISA, 6th grade

Michael made Honor Roll and was named Student of the Week at ISA – rock on, Michael!  He has been a dedicated member of the after school mural painting class since September 2009.  Michael had the brilliant idea of painting constellations of the Bay Bridge and ISA’s school mascot, the cobra, into the mural’s night sky.  Michael’s favorite basketball team is the Lakers, his favorite football team is the 49ers, and his pick for the Super Bowl is the Saints!

HEArt at Chavez – Framing the world through Love and Peace

Saturday, January 30th, 2010


HEArt students took a quick refresher course on color theory.  Using the color wheel, students learned the relationships between primary colors, secondary colors, and complimentary colors.  Isaiah taught the class his personal trick for remembering the complimentary colors: red/green = Christmas colors, purple/yellow = the Lakers, and blue/orange = the Broncos!

The students used what they’d discussed about color theory and its symbolism to decorate paper hearts and peace signs.  They were asked to step out of the box to think of color relationships that could represent themes of love and peace (Love is not just red and pink!).  From a spread of brightly colored tissue papers, the students chose colors that they could use to represent their ideas.  We took pictures outside, framing our world through love and peace:

HEArt at ISA – Parents' Room Mural almost complete!

Saturday, January 30th, 2010


We’re almost finished!  Below are some photos from the past couple of classes.  The middle school students are appreciating the hard work it takes to make final touch-ups and revisions.  In the next couple weeks, we’ll see the maze, the sun, tree, and stars come to life!

The HEArt group

The mural

Alisha and Lisa, YMCA teachers

HEArt at Starr King – Sharing the Love

Saturday, January 30th, 2010


Starr King fourth and fifth graders know what it means to share the love.  Last Friday, they reflected on the importance of sharing positive thoughts about themselves and their friends.  Each student wrote compliments to themselves, and to the peers they sat next to on Friday.  Then they learned the basics of symmetry by cutting out paper hearts and decorating them with colorful pieces of paper.  At the end of class we placed all the students’ hearts on a “Sharing Tree,” and at that very moment in time, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky just outside our classroom!

Sarah and Diana with her heart

The group is all about LOVE and PEACE

D'dra White @ Mural Music & Arts Project's History Through Hip-Hop

Thursday, January 28th, 2010


This past week a MMAP Alumni made a special appearance to treat HHH to a spokenword piece.  In order to make history, through hip-hop, our teen lyricists are prepped with performance fundamentals and opportunities to develop.  HHH teen lyricist here with D’dra White, an award-winning and renowned/accomplished Spoken Word artist and SLAM Poetry Winner.

History Through Hip-Hop Supports our very own Judge LaDoris Cordell

Monday, January 25th, 2010

The History Through Hip-Hop Program staff and teens celebrated the musical legacy of African-American composers and musicians by attending a tribute performance featuring Judge LaDoris Cordell.  As an emeritus member of the Board of Directors, Honorable LaDoris Cordell is a passionate supporter of the Mural Music & Arts Project. She has been the keynote speaker, a guest presenter and a large contributor to our programs.  Today, we witnessed her musical brilliance as we listened to her play the piano, sing, and even dance to the music of our past.  After, we enjoyed food and drink at the host location, Eastside College Prep, home to Coach Olatunde Sobomehin and HHH star, Kyle Carter.



Thursday, January 21st, 2010


As 2010 rolls on, the ISA middle school mural students are gaining confidence in their brushwork, blending and adding detail to a vibrant range of colors.  The largest areas have been filled in, but much detail work remains to be completed.  In the coming weeks, the tree will become lush and full, the flowers and stems will become alive, the hands will become true skin color, the hill gradient will be blended, and the maze will be filled in.  Track our progress below!

Lisa, Alejandro, Sarah, Niktalos, and Ta'Peni wave their brushes



Tree and flowers close-up

Hands over the maze

HEArt @ Starr King

Thursday, January 21st, 2010


On Friday, the 4th and 5th grade stars each received their very own MMAP sketchbooks to practice drawing and to record their thoughts and feelings.   We began class by playing “Emotional Rollercoaster,” an improvisational acting game that helps strengthen students’ awareness of simple and complex emotions.  After playing a rowdy game, the students settled down by personalizing their new journals with magazines and colorful papers.  After all of the students were finished, they received a prompt for their first journal entry to celebrate the upcoming MLK holiday: “If Martin Luther King, Jr. were in the room with you right now, how would you thank him for changing the world we live in?”

Kalani grooves to the improv game

Buddies Dorian and Chris

Taeja and Nakina smile in front of a spread of magazines, colorful papers, markers and colored pencils

HEArt @ Costano

Thursday, January 21st, 2010


The students at Costano are learning quickly that graffiti is not just about drawing letters that look cool.  Graffiti artists need to be proficient in color theory and perspective in order to create compositions that have truly unique style and strong impact.  Last Thursday, students learned how to incorporate one and two-point perspective into original drawings.  Their beautiful drawings are pictured below.

Byren uses pencil and prismacolor markers to create perspective

Mid way through a beautiful work of art


The effect of building on color theory and perspective skills on enhancing graffiti knowledge is clear when we see the truly impressive work the students are producing.  Soon, HEArt of the City will be creating their own professional-quality canvasses with a word of their choice.  This will be the last step before they begin to learn spray paint technique.

Impressive student work

Danny shows off some fine graffiti work