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A healthy diet is a colorful one!

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

A red apple, a yellow banana, a green kiwi, a pink grapefruit, a red strawberry and an array of soft pastels to color with.  HEArt youth learned that a healthy diet is a colorful one! Students spent class trading each other for halves and quarters of a variety of colorful fruits to create a MMAP-style still life.  HEArt students got at least 2 of the 5 servings of fruit and veggies recommended per day, munching on a variety of colors to get important vitamins and minerals.

Jimmy, Zaid and Mayra with a colorful array

PAC+NVIDIA= Project Inspire

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

PAC+NVIDIA= Project Inspire

MMAP SWAG (Silkscreening With A Goal) Launches at East Palo Alto Academy

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

MMAP kicks off a t-shirt design and production program at East Palo Alto Academy (“EPAA”) with a mission to “fashion leadership in the classroom, campus and community.” During the first two weeks, students have used brainstorming strategies and teamwork to design tshirts that increase school spirit and promote leadership for EPAA students, by EPAA students.  The shirt designs have already created an underground buzz and the first shirt arrive this week!  Look out for the SWAAAGGGG!!

Group members ask questions, listen to each other, provide feedback to generate ideas.

Tshirt brainstorming

Students brainstormed over 40 uses for a tshirt. Underwear, bean bags, headbands, and dish towels but the most outlandish is shown here: tshirt "locks."

The more ideas, the merrier. Students can't be happy unless they exhaust all possibilities, even the wild ideas.

EPAA sophomores create a prototype and take notes on sizing, color schemes and layouts.

HEArt salutes its amazing teen artists

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

The teen artists that work with HEArt are exceptional, hard-working young adults.  MMAP salutes these teens for their positive attitude and high motivation to pursue their passions.  Not only are they mastering their individual craft, but they are giving back to their communities through beautiful artwork.

Zaid is pictured with Tamiera, 6th grader at Costano. Zaid is a graffiti artist who has worked tirelessly with TMP, GAP, HEArt Chavez and now HEArt Costano. The students look up (literally) to Zaid for his helpfulness, positive attitude and enormous talent. Zaid's dream is to be an illustrator.

Josh (left) is a sophomore at ISA. Josh is an aspiring artist, who excels both at graffiti lettering and spray murals such as the one pictured above that was installed in ISA's cafeteria. Josh recently sold his first piece of artwork in a professional art gallery in San Francisco! This is Josh's first year being a part of MMAP, and we look forward to all that he'll bring to the family!

Last Sunday, teen artists came together to work on a commission for the Nueva school's kindergarten class. The students worked all afternoon to draw the "Tree of Knowledge" image, which the kindergarteners will get to add to. Pictured above, the team included Eldridge, Sarah, Zaid, and Latoya, who was part of MMAP's second Teen Mural Program and now works for HEArt. Not pictured here, teen art instructors Exavier (EPAA sophomore) and Troy (MA senior) also lent a hand!

History through Hip Hop boards the Leaders’ Ship

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

History through Hip Hop is in full swing after its third week of programming. The students and young leaders of East Palo Alto have come together to put the finishing touches on an amazing year of MMAP’s current organizational theme, “Leadership”. Students have written 4 original songs and are scheduled to perform each of them on Saturday February 12, 2011 at East Palo Alto Academy High School, located at 475 Pope Street Menlo Park, CA 94025.

Join us as we celebrate and promote leadership in our community through live performance, mural painting, good food and more!

We call it Voca-Bar-lary...a play on the words "bar" ( one measure in Hip Hop ) and "vocabulary"

HHH Vocabulary

What do you call an emcee with a limited vocabulary? A bad one.


What is the metaphorical relationship between a lemming and leadership?

Faith and heart in Potrero Hill

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Last week ISA students were finally able to install the mural painted by middle school students last spring, and the graffiti boards created with guest graffiti artist Magdalena Gross!  As ISA students prepared the cafeteria for their Friday night school dance with balloons and streamers, MMAP students were working up a sweat installing the portable murals. The high school students learned how to use a stud finder, then watched as Brel (ISA Instructor) handled the drill.  The artwork transforms the cafeteria walls.  The puzzle of Potrero Hill looms above a statement of faith and heart.  Each student has a place in building their dream for the Potrero Hill community.  We hope the rest of ISA loves its new artwork as much as we do!