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Open Mic and Open Minds

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Students in our San Francisco Health Education through Art Program or the “HEArt of the City” demonstrated the brilliance of young people when they use art to create, collaborate, and connect with one another. Several weeks ago students at International Studies Academy began preparing for “Lights On” Open Mic, an event that would showcase student artists and celebrate the ISA After School Program as a safe space for teens to learn, grow and be inspired.

"Lights On" Open Mic was a collaboration between MMAP and the ISA After School Program

Students recruited participants, posted fliers and prepared performances for the celebration. They also unveiled a fresh new t-shirt design, the capstone project of the environmental justice unit. Drawing from a 3 hour design workshop with over 20 middle and high school students, ISA teens John Blanco and Josh Consul finalized a design rooted in sustainability, respect for each other, the earth and the great city of San Francisco.  The peace sign forms the branches of the tree, and when students look down they see the constant reminder of inner peace.  Under the guidance of guest artist Rick Kitagawa, a professional artist from the local gallery Big Umbrella Studios, students participated in a screen printing workshop and printed their own t-shirts to wear during the Open Mic.

Guidance from Teen Art Instructors Josh Consul and John Blanco spurred the Starr King 5th grade class to create their own fashionable items out of recycled objects

John and Josh share their t-shirt design with the Starr King group.

John and Josh share their t-shirt design with a class of Starr King 5th graders studying sustainable fashion.

Open Mic participant Beronica prints her t-shirt.

Open Mic participant Beronica prints her t-shirt.

Last Thursday, the result of all the hard work paid off.  Over 30 students danced, created a live graffiti piece, performed original poetry, rocked out on guitar, and sang to a packed auditorium with over 95 students and 20 staff members to cheer them on.  The event was a reminder that when we empower students with the tools for positive expression, they will not only exceed but they will excel beyond our greatest expectations.

Congratulations to the HEArt of the City for putting on a great show!

Two winners of the Open Mic raffle received a sweatshirt with the new design!

A Teacher’s Salute

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Every year, since 1994, World Teachers’ Day is celebrated across the globe on October 5.  According to the official website,, “it is an opportunity UNESCO and Education International to celebrate the profession and to promote international standards for the teaching profession.”

In this spirit, we salute all our teachers who mentor, tutor, paint, spray, teach, and serve the students of the Mural Music & Arts Project. Thank you for your continued commitment!

The dynamic staff of the Mural Music & Arts Project!

Our master educator and longest serving teacher, Rachel McIntire!

The Teen Mural Program's performing and visual art instruction team!

A salute to MMAP's founding teacher, Eugene Clark-Herrera, a former public school teacher and a current coach to all of MMAP's staff.

Shout out to Patrick Davenport, known to his students as P-Diddy, Patricio, and Panda - a true inspiration!

Much love to MMAP Executive Director, Sonya Clark-Herrera!

Adrian Johnson captures the ideal road from mentee to mentor, student to teacher, participant to leader! A true MMAP inspiration.

Know thyself; Express thyself!

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Lead Art Instructor Rahan B. leads a group share-out on visual representations of self.

Was there ever a high school class where you explored and expressed yourself through dance, lyrical expression, graffiti, and traditional drawing?  At East Palo Alto Academy, MMAP offers the In-School Elective (ISE) Program where students participate in all of the various art forms to develop their personal art skills and use their art to cultivate a positive individual and collective (school) culture.

To “know thyself,” students in the first weeks of the class, wrote and performed “I Am” poems.  Today, students work to deepen their personal identities by finding imagery to complement their written poems.  In the coming weeks, students will work together, find common identities and “express themselves” to cultivate a positive vision for their school.

EPAA's In-School Elective class learn about each other's artistic expressions.

Rejecting Stereotypes & (Re)defining Self

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Students in the Health Education through Art (HEArt) program in Downtown High School, San Francisco are using Photoshop to express their ideal vision for themselves and their community.  Beginning with a blank slate to design their identities, students explore tools  – in Photoshop and in life – that help to eliminate unwanted aspects of their city and celebrate diversity.

Downtown high school student, Daniel, creates a personal portrait full of life and highlights!

The results were truly visionary: full of beautiful colors, complex layers and vibrant life.

On Tuesday, every participant presented their digital art and now they are challenged to live out their vision in their own life.

MMAP to Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary in San Francisco – Oct 20, 2011

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Mural Music and Arts Project will celebrate a decade of service with live music and dancing, a curated art exhibition, musical performances, a silent auction, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in San Francisco, October 20, 2011!!!

MMAP was founded in East Palo Alto in 2001 and will celebrate its growth in San Francisco, where MMAP hosts its Teen Mural Program (TMP) and Health Education through Art (HEArt) Program.

Teen Mural Assistants from MMAP's 2011 summer programs.

Please join our Honorary Host Committee:
Candice Petty, Event Chair * Enrique Allen * Tefferi Brook * Frank Chavez * Gemma Daggs * Randy DeVaul * Joaquin Garcia * Matt Haney * Meena Harris * Bronson McDonald * David Orozco * Michelle Perez * Zachary Pogue * Michael Riemenschneider * Angela Rodriguez * Sean Scott * Aida Soto * Emese Toth * Adam Warren

The event will feature DJ Sake 1 spinning records from 6pm to 8pm, as well as performances by MMAP youth in our History Through Hip Hop program.
Live Latin band will begin at 10 p.m.

"To have vision is to imagine unbelievable ideas and to create believable paths to get where you believe." - Troy R.