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Inspiration 2012: Daniela Gomez

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Spring is an exciting season for the MMAP house: our Seniors are finally reaping the benefits of their hard work for the past four years! Last week we highlighted Imelda Rodriguez, who was accepted to Syracuse University. This week, we would like to highlight Daniela Gomez, who was accepted to UCLA, UC Berkeley, and Santa Clara University.

When I think about Daniela, I think three words: responsible, resilient, and positive. Since 2009, Daniela has been an inspiration for the staff at MMAP. She is always in a good mood, and willing to help those around her. Additionally, Daniela truly takes responsibility for her future: she applied to more scholarships than any student I know, and through her actions she sets an incredible example for her peers.

I have had many discussions with Daniela about her future, during which she frequently talks about passion. She is excited to start college and work towards finding her own passions, and knows that a large part of her career will be dedicated to helping others achieve theirs. Daniela’s success is inevitable—she is a confident young woman who has proven to herself through her life experiences that she is tough, resilient, and mature.