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Thursday, June 28th, 2012

This week at MMAP our summer 2012 San Francisco Teen Mural Program kicked off with a vibrant, colorful, and extraordinarily talented group of students from all over the SF metro area!

Hosted by the Shih Yu-Lang Central YMCA, TMP San Francisco is extremely proud and excited about the days ahead.  There are many opportunities for us to learn more about each other and our own personal styles of expression; from dance and drama to mural making and figure drawing, our students are exceptionally talented and are ready for the creativity the summer has in store!

One of our icebreaking activities was the “Island” activity that centered around how collaboration, willingness to lead, and voicing your thoughts are all important factors when being part of a larger community.

The students really stepped up to the challenge of creating social norms, electing leaders, and working together to create a sense of community on their remote island named “Island X”.

Older MMAP veterans, like Zuretti Carter were deeply engaged in the problem solving aspect of the activity and acted as a mediator for the group’s excellent survival strategies. Even some of our newer and younger students like Ricky Rodriguez brought amazing ideas to the activity that surely would have save the group if put into a real “stranded on an island” scenario were to occur. We were also fortunate enough to have Youth Leaders Jessie Tapafua, David McKneely, and Geoffery Simpson all there to help encourage students to speak up and let their voices be heard!

Zuretti Carter (left, standing) mediating our Island activity and students like Enrique Rodriguez (sitting in the red)

We are so proud of our students and we are looking forward to another sensational summer!