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Kicking off Core With Success

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Monday night kicked off our restructured, renewed, and reenergized Core program in East Palo Alto. The Core program aims to make academically focused, future-oriented, and college-bound youth who will grow up to improve their communities in the long-term. It will begin in the form of MMAP Mondays: every Monday from 5:30-7:30pm. Core youth participate in workshops where they learn about financial literacy, setting their own goals, reproductive health, public speaking, project management, and identity. These workshops give them the experience of working with others and allow them to build their professional skills.

Deputy Director Olatunde Sobomehin could not contain his excitement over the development: “We have never transformed the organization the way we are doing this,” he proclaimed. “I am completely enthusiastic and I cannot wait to see this kind of structure and support.” It is truly a transformative move as MMAP is expanding our reach and we continue to build deep rapport with our students.

The first workshop enabled everyone, staff and students alike, to define what success is for themselves and create tangible goals that we want to obtain in three months. It was hosted by Stanford University student Gabe Wilson, who began by saying, “[Success] is about owning your value and not externalizing it to a number.” With test scores being a prominent piece in the students’ lives, it is important to unpack what success is for them and how it intersects with identity and healthy life-style choices.

Ketzalzin, Susan, Rosamia and Adrian visualizing what success means to them.

MMAP Veteran, Isaiah Phillips, who has been involved with MMAP since 2007, led the way by defining what success means to him, “Success is really feeling like you are doing something with your life. Honestly, to feel you are making a difference in effecting change in the world or people’s hearts.”

As MMAP continues to grow as an organization, it is always imperative that we put the holistic success of our students at the forefront and always know what is in our hearts. By understanding our intention and direction, we can grow as individuals and stand stronger as a collective unit. It is an exciting time at MMAP, so stay tuned for more updates on Core!