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Follow the beat of HEArt

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

HEArt (Health Education through Art) is off and running in both San Francisco and East Palo Alto. With an all-star staff on deck, including Sarah Woodward, Kyle Tana, Yetunde Olagbaju, Adrian Johnson, Danny Cesena, Laura Nunez, and MMAP’s Artist-In-Residence Scape Martinez. HEArt is on a new level with new projects and perspectives.

HEArt Starr King staff

HEArt teaches youth healthy lifestyles through the medium of visual and performing arts with a curriculum centered on Environmental Justice, Nutrition, Reproductive Health, Prevention & Awareness, and Emotional & Behavioral Health. Each class is structured with different cohorts that offer a variety of art forms, such as dance, hip hop poetry, and mural painting. Currently, all HEArt sites are in the Environmental Justice Unit  exploring stories of [un]natural disasters abroad and in our own communitites to understand how each of us can take personal responsibility as well as make an impact.

HEArt McNair. Contour Drawings with chalk, defining what health is to them as well as what their environments are.

HEArt International Studies Academy in San Francisco will be having their Open Mic today at 3pm. If you are near Potrero Hill, go check it out and support MMAP!