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Magic In A Classroom

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

“What’s happening at EPAA is magic in a classroom,” stated Scape Martinez, MMAP’s Artist in Residence. As expressed by Scape, it has been a great Fall quarter for our In-School Electives class at East Palo Alto Academy (EPAA), one of MMAP’s strongest school collaborators. Led by renowned graffiti artist, Scape Martinez, and one of MMAP’s Public Allies, Laura Nunez, students dove into learning the fundamentals of graffiti. They learned four different kinds of graffiti writing styles including urban calligraphy, bubble letters, block letters and wildstyle. “We’re introducing all these tools that they can use, but they are taking them into their own stylistic direction,” stated Laura.

ISE students letting their creative juices flow

This Week ISE will begin covering different artistic elements that can be incorporated into their graffiti. They will cover the use of shapes, expressive lives, and contrasting colors. Below are some examples of what the students have come up with:

Piece created by Asa

We are look forward to what December will bring! Stay tuned for more on ISE, with Technology Fridays taught by dynamic duo Olatunde Sobomehin and Demetric Sanders.

HEArt San Francisco!

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

It has been a productive and exciting few months for HEArt San Francisco! At ISA (International Studies Academy) the students were able to organize and participate in an extrodinary display of talent and bravery: The “Lights On” Halloween Open Mic. 7th grade HEArt student Namasha sang a Bollywood song while our MMAP veteran Josh Consul and HEArt Instructor Adrian Johnson kept the event lively as supreme Master’s of Ceremony.

With our Environmental Justice portion coming to a close, students have: made wallets out of fused plastic bags, come up with their own superpowers, written fantastic hip-hop lyrics, and even had to guess how long it takes Styrofoam to decompose (turns out it is never!). These projects were all done with the question “What is my ideal environment and how can I change it myself?” in mind.

So far it has been an amazing first six weeks and we are looking forward to starting our Nutrition unit and making wholesome food with our students!