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ISE Making Waves

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

On Thursday, January 17, 2013, In-School Electives (ISE) had its first art show in East Palo Alto Academy’s Gym. The show was in collaboration with the painting elective class at the school. The students, with guidance from Artist in Residence Scape Martinez and ISE Instructor Laura Nunez, curated the show and wrote artist bios highlighting their inspirations and achievements.

EPAA students viewing the Art Show

Example Student Artist Bios

During lunchtime, students and teachers walked through and viewed all the artwork. The ISE students demonstrated great pride in sharing their art with the rest of the school as onlookers recognized and showed respect for each piece of art.

Letter "B" for Bobbie, Freshman

The vibrancy of the artwork is a reflection of the personalities, styles and cultures at East Palo Alto Academy. The wheels of creativity are moving and MMAP’s ISE students are making big waves. We look forward to seeing more to come. Thank you to Scape and Laura!

Teachers admiring San Francisco sports pride art pieces

HEArt & Soul of MMAP

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Going on the 12th year since MMAP’s founding, the heart and soul of the organization continues to touch all those that walk through its door. The power of art and community are felt through the relationships built, the messages conveyed, and the progress that is made; it is also what carries us through times of triumph and sorrow. Olatunde Sobomehin (Deputy Director), Sarah Woodward (Director of Art & Programs), Isaiah Phillips (Performing Artist, Lyrical Instructor), and Brysone Washington (HHH Participant) all wrote poems that speak to the heart and soul of MMAP. Below are two of our favorites.

by Isaiah Phillips
education inspiration…empowerment where
youth bloom like flowers and learn
to ride life’s breeze like a flower’s sent
incredible mentorship, spetacular mentor’s
innovation, creation, family, can’t you see
this entity give space to find identity
fighting what circumstances and roles life would give to thee
becoming what we are truly meant to be…

by Brysone Washington
A place that I can feel is a place I call home
A place that will never make me feel like I’m alone
A place so warm like the middle of the summer
A place that keeps me safe from the rain and thunder
A place with bright smiles and long loving hungs
A place to shed tears if no one else listens up
A place to inspire, empower and educate
Is a place that I hope will never go away

Thank you to the MMAP staff, youth, and volunteers who submitted poems for the CTK Foundation’s Heart & Soul 2013 Grant Awards!

HEArt & Soul at MMAP, East Palo Alto, December 2012

What makes your balloon pop?

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

As San Francisco and East Palo Alto kick off the new year with the Coping Unit, all HEArt students answered the question, “What makes you stressed, angry, or frustrated?” Students used a balloon analogy to understand that every person has stressors in their life that fill up their balloons, but rather than letting our balloons fill up to the point of popping we have to understand how to deflate them in positive and creative ways.

HEArt McNair ladies sharing their balloons with one another

Each student was given a balloon and drew the symbols of what stresses them out. The stressors of our students ranged from violence in the community to conflicts with their siblings. After discussing their balloons, many students realized they shared similar stressors in their lives.

Detail of Student balloon

HEArt Starr King blowing up their balloons

Once finished exploring the stressors in their lives, everyone popped his or her balloons at the same time. While popping the balloons was a thrill for the students, we about how the loud noise symbolized that when each of our balloons pop, it not only affects ourselves but all those around us. HEArt students closed up the activity by drawing their balloon in their notebooks. Their balloon page will act as reference as they continue the unit with an understanding that art can be used as a way to express a range of human emotions and become equipped with positive tools to deal with their stressors.

HEArt student Oskar drawing his balloon