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Congrats to our Ruppert Grant Winners!

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011
May 3, 2011

Leslie Gray, TMP 2010

Congratulations to MMAP Teen Mural Assistants Christian Salinas and Leslie Gray for winning the Ruppert Educational Grant scholarships!  The Rupert Education Grant program was established by Ralph and Lenore Ruppert, in memory of their mothers, and the program provides scholarships for up to 30 students who show academic promise and improvement in their high school years.

“It lifts a burden off my shoulders,” responded Les, senior at Eastside Prep. “It’s good to know that there are kind and generous people who want me to succeed.”

Christian, senior at EPAA High, noted that “the scholarship really helps me out financially and means so much to me. It gives me one less thing to worry about, lets me focus on other aspects of college, and it gives me the inspiration to apply for more scholarships.”

We know Christian and Leslie have bright futures ahead of them, and this scholarship will help them on their journey to become successful, young men.

Christian Salinas, TMP 2010

Teachers Life at East Palo Alto Academy High School By: Kenneth Jones

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

I have been a student East Palo Alto Academy for my whole four years of high school. Since I have been at my school there has been multiple cases of violence and teachers coming and going. I finally decided to ask a teacher how he felt about teaching at our school.  Henry Lonnemann, a teacher at East Palo Alto Academy, explained the different things he experiences now as a teacher at East Palo Alto Academy compared to his previous school in Indiana.  He immediately explained how amazed he was at how much attention students got.  However, it raises the following question: when the students get to college, will they know how to adjust from having this great support from teachers to not having as much support?

Henry likes the idea of advisory. He said that when he got his own advisees that it felt like a family. Also he said that it was interesting how language was different here then in Indiana. There the language was English; here we have Spanish, Samoan, Tongan, and English. Since teaching here at East Palo Alto Academy, Henry is going to take Spanish and learn it for his students.

6a00d8342adfcf53ef010536424a45970b-800wiNext I asked him about our schools gangs and cliques. He said it is not that different from his old school in Indiana. He said the difference is that there are more fights here. Henry explained that after a gang related incident at our school he asked himself “what are we going to do?”. He feels that most of the students are not really “repping” a certain group, but, they are just looking for a family. He thinks that if our students get caught by the police, the police will just see them as another gang member. However, Henry sees them as bright young people who are looking for a family. Then he goes on to explain that if the police caught a few white students and they were doing the same thing, the police would see it through a different lens.

After hearing about his thoughts and concerns about the gangs at our school, I asked him what his next steps will be. Henry is thinking that when his advisee graduate it might be his time to move on as well. He explained that being here in California and teaching at a local public highschool has opened his eyes a lot and he is excited to see what his life will show him next.

Graffiti is not a crime! By: Daniel Nava

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

“What were you thinking when you did that?”

“I know, I apologize.”

“The graffiti you did on the wall has to be primed over and that is money that the city is wasting to clean up your mess.”

Graffiti is an art that has issues. You can get in big trouble with graffiti if used the wrong way.

How do people look at graffiti? Many people look at graffiti as vandalism, gang communication, and territory symbolization. Graffiti used in this manner is the improper way to express this art. But is there a proper way to do graffiti?


tagI chose to write about graffiti art because I have a passion for the hip hop culture, and graffiti is an element of hip hop.  So it makes the issue on graffiti awesome. I have been a part of the graffiti scene for 6 years. I find whenever I do graffiti I am using my whole imagination and twisting it with a message and a word. It gets tricky at times but you get the hang of it if you practice because practice makes perfect.  Whenever I go hit up (make a piece) I feel adrenaline because I have a certain amount of time to make a mural on a wall when it is dark and only have a small amount of space to work with.  So I have to think fast and be on my toes at the same time. People say that graffiti is addicting and it’s true. The first time I did my first graffiti piece I was so scared and it felt really crazy like a roller coaster ride, but I enjoyed it. After that moment I just couldn’t stop writing. The feeling you get when you are writing is just crazy, and that’s what i think I am because I like crazy. Graffiti also helped me out with other things like how to organize, how to plan, how to stay creative, and how to be neat. I have met good artists and bad but all that matters to me is the use of graffiti and how the artists makes it look. Graffiti is an art not a crime. I got in trouble for doing graffiti on a place without permission, and the consequences were a year of probation and mandatory community service. After that experience I learned my lesson on what I did wrong and i figured out a way to still do what I love to do but legally.  Now whenever I want to paint on peoples property I ask for permission to paint to see if it’s OK. It’s crazy because people actually say yes when I show them previous work!  Everyone gets what they want and i don’t make graffiti look bad. Plus I don’t get in trouble. I also now work with an organization called the Graffiti Arts Project and teach kids the history and craft of graffiti.

On May 19 I had an interview with Gaelen, director of the Graffiti Arts Project. Gaelen shared some interesting perspectives regarding graffiti art and hip hop. Gaelen found his passion for writing at the age of 13. He said that he was into skateboarding and rollerblading, and graffiti was always around him. Gaelen got introduced to the graffiti art by a man from Slovakia went by the name of “past”.  Gaelen later then started meeting other artists and began noticing the many different styles of graffiti. After trying many of those styles such as wild style, bubble, bombing, etc. Gaelen found interest in a graffiti artist by the name of “Learn”, who he says was a man who liked to contemplate the world. Learn had a positive outlook on graffiti and he told Galen about the roots of where graffiti came from, and how it is a way of self expression. He was Gaelens roll model ever since. His motivation to keep writing graffiti was to experience the world, and also to relate to other graffiti artists.

“Today graffiti is strong and part of a main stream sub culture” he says.  “But I also thinks that a lot of graffiti artists have lost the knowledge of the roots of their art form.” Gaelen is a college student at the University of San Francisco, and his plans for the future are to get a masters in Neurobiology. It goes to show that you don’t need to be a certain kind of person to write graffiti. Anyone can do it. Gaelen says that he will use his graffiti talents as a creative way to approach problem solving. A creative way to approach problem solving for example could be to get kids focused on step by step instructions to make something positive instead of being involved with negative influences. Graffiti can also be a solution for unity. Also on a personal level I use graffiti as a way of relaxation. Whatever I’m feeling, I could just put that emotion in my art.

In conversation I asked Gaelen how hip hop is related to graffiti. Gaelen stated; “in both arts, you have to be confident in who you are and in return you create your best art.”

Street Soldiers By: Carla Hernandez

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

I called my 1st grade teacher Ms. Thompson for a phone interview. When I called her and asked her if I could interview her she asked if I could interview her tomorrow.   I paused for a little bit and she said;

“You saved this for last the minute didn’t you.”  We both shared a laugh. “I taught you better than this Carla, why did you save it for last minute?” Carla and Street Soldier teacher, Ms. ThompsonMs. Thompson is someone who is really important in my life. I have known her almost my whole life. I first met her in the 1st grade when she was my teacher. Later on in middle school she taught me again in a leadership class called Street Soldiers. In this class I learned a lot about taking care of myself, what to avoid and what will come my way.  A rule stated “there is nothing more valuable than an individuals life, you can never kill an enemy.” Having her in my life as a teacher and big role model has really taught me a lot about becoming a leader myself. In the future I want to have a job that has to do with helping teens change in a good way, like making better decisions about life. I can really do a job like that because even now I give my friends advice to make better choices. I can help people because I can even give my own experiences of things I have went through in my own life.

I told her “Yes, I really did save it for the day it was due.”

“Okay then” she said. “Go ahead let’s start the interview.”  I started with the first question;

why did becoming a program director ever grab your attention?

I started the Street Soldiers program because when I was a teen my mentors impacted my relationship 22 years ago so I continued to work with youth. This organization just grew throughout.

What made you want to help teens?

My interactions/relationships with East Palo Alto, and my experience with having hard times and good times as a youth. This impacted my success with having mentors that helped me stay up.

What was the reason you thought of getting teens involved?

I felt that youth and young adults in East Palo Alto did not have a lot of support or resources.

Have you ever been involved in programs like this before as a teen or any other programs?

I have been involved in church groups and school programs.

For how long have you been a program adviser?

I have been involved in street soldiers for 22 years.

What are things you enjoy about being a program advisor?

I enjoy the knowing that this program helps keep teens off the streets and to feel free and stay out of gangs and violence.

Do you really think these programs keep teens out off the streets?

I have watched too many youth do bad things and being part of street soldiers was a valuable thing that kept youth alive free as oppose to be either dead and incarcerated. I have watched young boys in the community who were in gangs change their life styles and end up in college.

Is Street Soldiers still around?  And if so where is it being run?

Young Interpreters is an international movement that is non profit and takes place in South Africa, Thailand, accross the nation, and here in East Palo Alto. There is about 20 different people who run this program.

What is the goal of Street Soldiers?

The goal is to keep youth alive and free, for youth by youth.  Not only alive and free but but bring heiling and hope to a devasted community. East Palo Alto is riddled of too much violence for examole drugs, gangs,and lack of resources.  I wanted to change norms like: having girlfriends hold drugs for there boyfriends, sagging pants, honor authority, and carry gun for protection. I know of many teens who have been in and out of jail, but who are now in college. One teen who was in a situation like this was Diante, he was shot in May but now is finishing his first year in Alabama State College. Another teen who has changed a lot is William who has been in and out of Juvenilee hall and is a senior graduating from Menlo Atherton this year. He plays football and is going to Bute College with a full ride. There is also a few girls who were on the verge of going to different schools and they had bad grades failing classes and these girls really didn’t talk to each other. These youth leaders caused drama but changed there way of thinking to a positive way and have been giving back to the community. These girls are also passing all their classes with A’s and B’s and are best friends.

Street Soldiers really relates to me in a way that I am also from East Palo Alto like these teens and I have also been through a lot trying to avoid the violence in the streets. I have already been a part of this violence by being an influence and being pressured to do what everyone does. Getting into any program like this can help you turn yourself around.  This program has changed my way of thinking and allowed me to make better decisions and ignore those who want to hurt me. It has helped me to graduate 8th grade wit all A’s. I am currently involved in a few programs myself and in each of them I am trying to be a great leader and make a big difference in my community.  I want to be a role model to my peers, showing them that I am someone from East Palo Alto that is going to go to college, even though I have struggled in the past with being kicked out of high school and making up credits.

In addition, I am a East Palo Alto police Cadet and have been looking forward to continue doing this to keep danger out and teens off the streets from doing bad.

Working Out Habits By: Alex Johnson

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

imagesBesides improving ones health, people work out to relieve stress, build confidence, and develop discipline. Most people who attempt to work out quit after the first two to three weeks for several reasons. One of the reasons people quit is simply because of the pain. People who are new to working out experience extreme pain because their muscles aren’t use to the vigorous work out applied to your muscle. When you work out you are basically tearing your muscles in order for them to rebuild stronger. Most people are not aware that this pain they are experiencing is a sign that their are making their muscles stronger.

Most people who have a schedule for working out get more routines done like weight lifting and cardio training. A way most people lose most of there water weighed is my running and using the light weights and doing reps four times a week. If your not constant with it then it would take longer to see results with yourself. Its also important to ask questions about a work out routine if you don’t know what your doing.  It would be unsafe if you got hurt thinking you’re doing a routine right when you are not. It’s important to not over work yourself because that’s how people get injured. When you max out with heavy weights you should work on another part of your body so your body can have time to heal so the next time you work out that part of your body will be even stronger.Working out at the gym is more effective to see results but you can also do work out at your house if your not near a gym or feel uncomfortable going to one. If you have a crate at your house you can do incline push ups. Incline push ups is a way to do push ups elevated from the ground. These kind of push ups work on the core of your torso, back arms, and back. Most athletes who do push ups get results fast doing these kind of push ups. Another routine you can do at home is crunches. Most people who do regular sit ups which is leaning up and down all the way and strain or overwork their selves. Crunches are like sit ups but your making your elbows touch your knees when you lean forward. If you are able to do these two basic work outs 3 times a week, twice a day. Then your expected to see results in about 4 to 5 weeks.

Most people work out because they feel the need to. Either someone is saying how they need to loss weight or they feel they are not fully developing their body. I encourage people to work out just because it’s a way you can better yourself physically and mentally. You should take care of your body because it could encourage others like myself to be more considerate about how we view you.  Not to say that you should do it because others will judge you because you’re too fat or too skinny but more to show people you can handle taking care of your own body and how it’s something you can be committed to.

Multiple Work Out Stations

Multiple Work Out Stations

Esfac'e, making positive culture, popular By: Isaiah Phillips

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
They've had there clothing featured on BET's 106th and park. They
exhibit shirts in numerous fashion boutiques around the bay area. Their
clothing has been featured in the Magic fashion show, and their trend setting
Obama T-shirts have become a cult classic. Esfac'e; a thriving design
company that has set out to provide education and service through
athletics, fashion, community, and entertainment. Simply, their mission
is to make positive culture, popular.

The Nu Face

In the industry today, it's hard to be a fashion forward clothing line,
while still maintaining an authenticity that can't be duplicated.
Ola'dele Sobomehin, CEO of Esfac'e Cloth., says that Esfac'e achieves
authenticity through the unique message that is given in their creative
designs."...We pride ourselves on "being positive while staying

Esfac'e clothing

"The esfac'e positive culture represents just one of the voices or
perspectives on the spectrum that can be embraced by those who represent
a more 'positive' message." was what Ola'dele said when I asked him if
he sees a connection between tha culture that has been created through
esfac'e clothing, and the hip hop culture. Hip hop is viewed very
negatively in a majority of  the American population. But Esfac'e has
brought a voice to those that live a positive life within hip hop
culture. Making a positive culture, popular is the mission of Esfac'e, and they've
already begun to bring that mission to fruition.
Esface Fashion

Fashion By: Epiffani Hampton

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

I love fashion and photos. As I was looking through some old family photos I noticed my family member out-fits were very similar to the way we dress now. So, I interviewed two people about styles of clothes.

My Interviews:

Name: Maria Hodges

Age: 41

Date Interviewed:  4/30/09

Time : 9am

1.) Are there any styles that you grew up with that are starting to re-appear in today’s Fashion?

Answer: Yes, we called them Goucho’s  but today, they’re known as Capri ’s.  Also, the skinny leg jeans are back. Can’t remember the name then….but it wasn’t skinny leg!

2.) Who do you pay attention to on TV and Magazines?

Answer: TV….just pay attention to the program I’m watching. =)  Magazines….the great articles…sometimes the gossip!!

3.) Where do you get your influences from?

Answer: My sister

4.) Who are your favorite Designers and why?

Answer: I love INC…Macy’s!  Love the style of the clothes.

5.) What about their designs interest you?

Answer: Love how simple, but sexy their outfits are.

6.) Some people are against polka dots and some think it’s stylish, what are your top five DO’s and DON’Ts?

Answer: Stay away from spandex (everyone). If it doesn’t fit….don‘t force it.  Always look your best…never know who you might meet or simply bump into.  Keep up with the current styles….and if you’re a season behind….dress it up to give it a different look.  Polka dots….are played out!! Don’t wear them.

7.) What stores do you shop at the most and why?

Answer: Macy’s- love the clothes….and the sales are always Great!  Gap….jeans last forever.  Old Navy….to keep the youngsta look!!!  =)

8.) You’re very fashionable yourself, have you ever thought of starting your own fashion line?

Answer: Never thought of my own fashion line….

9.) What message do you want to send to the young fashionestas?

Answer: Love the style of the younger generation, keep it up….ya’ll styling!!

Name: Miss Star

Age: 29

Date Interviewed: 5-4-09

Time : 10:20am

1.) Are there any styles that you grew up with that are starting to re-appear in today’s Fashion?

Answer: Yep, Halters, daisy dukes, Cross Colours and high top converses.

Cross Colours New school Cross Colours- COOGI

2.) Who do you pay attention to on TV and Magazines?

Answer: Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, and Keisha Cole.

3.) Where do you get your influences from?

Answer: Magazines and TV

4.) Who are your favorite Designers and why?

Answer: Juicy Couture, Baby Phat, House of Derione , Apple Bottoms, and  Rocawear.

5.) What about their designs interest you?

Answer: I love the colors, the line, and the way they fit.

6.) Some people are against polka dots and some think it’s stylish, what are your top five DO’s and DON’Ts?

Answer: DON’T: #1 ~ wearing clothes you can’t breathe in.  #2 ~ wearing clothes that show cleavage down to your navel.  #3 ~ wearing clothes that don’t fit your body type!  #4 ~ guys who wear pants hanging on their knees! #5 ~ back to #1 ~ give yourself room to breathe.

7.) What stores do you shop at the most and why?

Answer: Macys, Nordstrom Rack, JC Pennys. The Prices are great!!

8.) You’re very fashionable yourself, have you ever thought of starting your own fashion line?

Answer: I have my own fashion line ~ I wear it everyday J

9.) What message do you want to send to the young fashionestas?

Answer: Do your own  thang!  Find your own flow and GO!

Places to Be By: Tamara FitzHugh

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

For EPA teens looking for a place to go on the weekend; I got you covered. The reason I like doing this is because I hate being bored and I like having fun.  So in this article I will be talking about some of the things me and friends do for fun.We do things like watch basketball games, go to the movies, go skating, and other such fun activities.  I have always had somewhere to go whether it was after school or on the weekends.  I like writing about things to do outside of school because, I’ve seen a lot of my friends get in trouble from being in the streets because there was no where else to go.

One of the places me and my friends like to go is the “Glo”. This is a club that you can go to during the school year and the summer.  It is located in Sunnyvale, and during the school it is open on Sundays.  In the summer it is open every Sunday.  This is a teen club for youth 18 years and under.  Even though it is a teen club you get treated like your at a regular adult club.  Your parents are not allowed in to see what you are doing, but can be assured by the fact that the club provides us a safe place to party.  Kids say they like this club because”there is complete freedom”.  Some say the reason they keep coming back is because every time they have fun.

A Teen Dog Groomer!? It's No Rumor By: Ayela Theo James

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
My dog Angel before she is groomed.

My dog Angel before she is groomed

My dog Angel after she is groomed!

My dog Angel after she is groomed!

I am the youngest and only dog groomer on my block and I’m self-taught too. When I was 12 years old my family was not able to take our dogs to the groomer to get a hair cut, so that’s when I volunteered to cut the dogs hair with scissors. Soon after, I started to research dog grooming to learn more about it. My father even taught me how to use the clippers and told me when I learned enough he would help me start my own business. From then on I developed a love for dog grooming which I still have today. Dog grooming is a very long and tiring process. It takes me at least four hours per dog, and sometimes even more depending on the dog’s condition. I plan on cutting that time down.

The first thing I do before giving a dog a bath is brush out his/her hair. If the dog’s fur is matted (has knots, is tangled) the water will make it worse. I usually always start brushing from head to tail.

The second step is to place the dog in the tub and rinse, I always make sure the dog’s ears are down at all time so no water is able to get inside the ears. Third, I put an even coat of shampoo working it in from head to toe and let stand for about 3-5 minutes. During the 3-5 minutes I brush the dog’s teeth. Fourth, I rinse until all the shampoo is off of the dog and if necessary I will repeat the process.

Fifth, I’ll towel dry the dog until water stop dripping off of the dog. Sixth, I blow dry the dog until he/she is totally dry making sure the heat is on high and stand at least two feet away because it maybe to hot. Seventh, I brush the dog again from head to toe. 

Cutting the dog with clippers is the hardest and longest part that I am still trying to master. I like to start with the face and work my way to the tail. From the tail down to the butt then I work my way back up from the stomach to the chest and finish with all four legs. After cutting the dog with clippers I then bush him/her one last time. The very last thing I do is cut the nails.

My dog Bear before he is groomed

My dog Bear before he is groomed

My dog Bear after he is groomed!

My dog Bear after he is groomed!

Being a self-taught dog groomer I always want to expand and learn new things from other dog groomers and dog grooming companies. I called my local Aussie mobile pet groomers and talked to Jacquelyn Young. Even though Jacquelyn Young is not a dog groomer herself, she is still a good source of information. Jacquelyn Young owns an Aussie mobile pet grooming franchise in parts of the bay area. Before Aussie, Jacquelyn worked at Intel Corporation as a marketer for 28 years. She bought into the Aussie mobile pet grooming franchise in 2006 and now she is able to give service to all the zip codes from South San Francisco to Los Gatos.

Having dogs Jacquelyn knows that it takes all day for groomers to groom her dogs and she’s not with them so she doesn’t know if they’re giving them water or taking then out to use the restroom. Sometimes they are stuck in a cage because they have to wait their turn or wait until their owner comes to pick them up. So she thought that groomers who came to your home and groomed your pet right outside your house in about 90mins would be a good Idea. She knows that it’s not for everyone because it does cost a little more then most grooming salons (avg. $80). From talking to Jacquelyn she opened my eyes to new ways to do things with animals and she has me thinking about buying into a dog grooming franchise when I get older.

A Life Revolved Around Dancing By: Adrian Johnson

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
The Writter

The Writer

The Auditions were crazy. I get there at about 2 o’clock which was about an hour and a half earlier than it started. I was feeling nervous as I grabbed the handle of the door.  I walked in and there where only two people there, and they were both b boys.  They had also came early to train up on their stuff.  The studio had a huge dance floor with a even larger mirror and the sound system was really good too.  As the day progressed and more and more people started showing up and I began doubting if i was good enough to be in the crew, but i shook it off and went on with my stretching. I went to turn in my registration form. I was number 18 to go audition. As they finally start calling people in I peaked in on the other auditions and my confidence grew stronger. My number came up so fast that i couldn’t even believe it.  As I gave the DJ my music one of the other members of supreme soul, R.J, was trying to tell me to just relax but all that was doing was making me more nervous. C.J asked me to tell him something about myself that they didn’t know and I told him that out of all of my 8 brothers and 3 sisters, I am the only one that dances.  My music cut on and I killed the audition. Along with your 2 minute freestyle peace you were also judged on your ability to learn and put your own style into different dance styles, such as house dancing, new style Choreography, popping, Krumping, and B-Boy. Over all I felt that I had put my all into all of the pieces and I left the audition satisfied and confident in being called back.  About a week later while I was at college track getting ready to circle up and I got a call on my phone.  I looked to see who it was and surprisingly it was C.J. I quickly answered and received the news that i made the auditions and that i was officially in Academy of Villains (Supreme Soul Second Generation).

Academy Of Villians

Academy Of Villians

Academy of Villains is an all style’s dance group that was started by C.J Jennings of America’s Next best Group “Supreme soul in 2008.” He is also a part of another group called “machine gone funk”. He held auditions on February 8 at Dance Mode Studios in San Carlos. There was about 25 people that auditioned that day and out of that 25, 18 of us made it. Some people didn’t have to try out because C.J had already had them try out and others had to try out in front of the original 18 members. Every Thursday and Sunday we train from 9 to 12 p.m for future gigs and to work on our individual dance skills. C.J teaches us Choreography that we are going to use for future gigs that we will have. In practices we go over several routines that we will be using in the World of Dance Choreography competition in San Diego this August. I interviewed another dancer from another dance group so that she could share some of her similar experiences with me.

Eleanor Tannis

Eleanor Tannis

Eleanor Tannis is a twenty two year old young woman from the city of San Bruno. She went to Notre Dame High School and after, went to Santa Clara University to major in Finance. She started dancing at the age of five, doing Tap and Ballet but had to stop because of sports. But she picked it back up during her junior year. She started a club at her school for people that didn’t make the dance group. She wasn’t allowed to listen to the radio because she had strict parents growing up. She said that she use to learn all of the dances from popular music videos. She described dancing as a stress reliever and did whatever it took to go and dance. She said she had to commute to San Francisco or Daily City because it was that necessary to dance. She feels that there is no limit to dancing and there is always room to improve. Her love for music gives her a special type of high and sometimes she wishes she would live in music. She told me she really agreed with a quote she once heard that states, “Dancing is what music looks like.” Eleanor is a member of the dance crew “The Company”.

The Company

The Company

The Company started of as a mix of two groups, “Groove Junkies” and “Xplicit”, but the two groups retired and formed a new group called “The Company” headed by Patrick Cruz and Shaun Evaristo. This group is known for its technical and innovative style, always forcing their audience to stop and think about the creativity they just witnessed. In 2007 she joined a dance group called “the U.F.O.

UFO The Movement

UFO The Movement

Movement” led by Algin Sterling and Taina Larot. She described the U.F.O movement as unique because of the group’s “thrash and groove” style which stems from the directors’ wide range of musical influences which include reggae, rock, and underground hip hop to name a few. She says once you get the moves down it’s vital that you put your own style into it. Like Academy of Villains, The Company and U.F.O. Movement are like a big intimate family to her. Joining these groups has allowed her to grow as a dancer. She believes everyone can learn choreography and loves to teach. What I got out of the interview is dancing isn’t just a thing to do, it’s a lifestyle.