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Spread the Love in the Community

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Open Studios at MMAP

Open Studios at MMAP has grown exponentially over the past three weeks.  The first week, we had around ten students, the second week a little over twenty, and now we’re at nearly fifty participants.  To accommodate the large number of students, we created multiple stations of different projects led by different instructors.  We have had a graffiti station, a guitar station, a mosaic station, and a character drawing station.  One of our goals for Open Studios is to reach out and engage the surrounding community through art; MMAP is becoming a place where people can gather, and a community is definitely forming at Open Studios.  This past week several parents stayed for the program, and it seemed to be a bonding experience between parents and young children.  Children could move freely between stations, and we had a barbecue going to illuminate a party atmosphere and make it more of an event rather than a class.

MMAP Intern Martin Godinez sharing his love for guitar

Open Studios BGCP (Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula)  is finishing up its second-to-last week with mosaic stepping stones, which will be on display in the MMAP garden.  Last week we did a great dynamic exercise with music where the students were asked to draw what they visualized through the music they were hearing.  We began with basic sounds and progressed into music genres.  MMAP intern Martin Godinez even got up and played live guitar for the class to finish off the week of drawing and painting through music. All students are really expanding their creativity and are exploring new kinds of art over the course of Open Studios.

Visualizing through Music Project

Alexander Calder Inspired Open Studios

Monday, July 9th, 2012
This week we are kicking off our second session of Open Studios at MMAP with a younger group of students. Last Monday students brought great energy and positivity to their work.  We began with some gesture drawing (link:  and single line portrait drawing exercises.  After a variety of full body and portrait drawing exercises using abstract techniques we created our final pieces which converted one of their drawing exercises into a larger scale collage (link: The students worked with newspaper, construction paper, and tissue paper to color in their line drawings.

At the Boys and Girls Club we finished off our third week of the program.  We spent last week completing our wire sculptures inspired by sculptor Alexander Calder (link:  These sculptures varied from abstract mobiles to facial portraits and monkeys swinging from trees.  On Thursday, the pieces were displayed at the Boys and Girls Club mid-summer showcase.

Julian, 12th Grader, constructing his Calder inspired horse

Kids paint flower pots and make piñatas @ Open Studios!

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

On Thursday, MMAP opened its doors to the community to teach kids how to paint flower pots, plant flowers, and make pinatas!
The children learned the cultural significance of piñatas, as well as the importance of flowers to our environment!

Children taking the time to paint their flower pots before the planting phase!

Sophie teaches little Victor how to properly plant the flower he picked out!

Laura and Victoria, MMAP Staff members, pose for a picture during a very busy art class session!

Open Studios offers art classes for kids aged 5-12 at our MMAP headquarters located at 2043 Euclid Ave, East Palo Alto, every Thursday from 1:00-3:00 PM. Please come join us!