Gateways to Science 2013

For the second summer in a row, MMAP worked in partnership with Dr. Bryan Brown, an expert literacy professor and researcher of Hip Hop culture, and five African-American Stem-major college students, to facilitate a six week-long program targeting six minority youth artists to use Hip Hop as a tool to teach science to fifth grade students. Together with Stanford REU: Gateways to Science Careers (G2SC), MMAP youth artists produced science music videos to introduce and explain science concepts to fifth graders. The lead instructors of the program were Demetric Sanders and Keith Cross. Keith is a current Stanford PhD candidate in Stanford’s School of Education and past Lyrical Director of MMAP’s 2013 History through Hip Hop program.

The Gateways to Science ’13 crew takes a quick break from shooting one of the two music videos from the summer.

Blood Line

Click to Play Song:  Blood-Line

This song uses a bus route as a metaphor to explain the circulatory and respiratory systems. The lines of the bus route represent the veins and arteries our blood moves through. While the passengers embarking and disembarking represent the cycle of oxygen being delivered from the lungs to the body tissues and the carbon dioxide traveling from our body tissues back to the lungs.


Click to Play Song: Band-Aids

This song explains the process of Scientific Investigation. To help explain the steps in the process, the lyricists use an allegory of a student who scrapes both of his knees and puts a band-aid on one to see if it heals faster.

Left: Demetric Sanders breaking down the steps of the respiratory/circulatory system. Middle: Yvonne Hammel drafting her lyrics to the fifth graders. Right: Adrian Johnson recording his verse.

Completed videos coming soon! Check back in a few weeks!

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