HEArt salutes its amazing teen artists

The teen artists that work with HEArt are exceptional, hard-working young adults.  MMAP salutes these teens for their positive attitude and high motivation to pursue their passions.  Not only are they mastering their individual craft, but they are giving back to their communities through beautiful artwork.

Zaid is pictured with Tamiera, 6th grader at Costano. Zaid is a graffiti artist who has worked tirelessly with TMP, GAP, HEArt Chavez and now HEArt Costano. The students look up (literally) to Zaid for his helpfulness, positive attitude and enormous talent. Zaid's dream is to be an illustrator.

Josh (left) is a sophomore at ISA. Josh is an aspiring artist, who excels both at graffiti lettering and spray murals such as the one pictured above that was installed in ISA's cafeteria. Josh recently sold his first piece of artwork in a professional art gallery in San Francisco! This is Josh's first year being a part of MMAP, and we look forward to all that he'll bring to the family!

Last Sunday, teen artists came together to work on a commission for the Nueva school's kindergarten class. The students worked all afternoon to draw the "Tree of Knowledge" image, which the kindergarteners will get to add to. Pictured above, the team included Eldridge, Sarah, Zaid, and Latoya, who was part of MMAP's second Teen Mural Program and now works for HEArt. Not pictured here, teen art instructors Exavier (EPAA sophomore) and Troy (MA senior) also lent a hand!

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