HEArt & Soul of MMAP

Going on the 12th year since MMAP’s founding, the heart and soul of the organization continues to touch all those that walk through its door. The power of art and community are felt through the relationships built, the messages conveyed, and the progress that is made; it is also what carries us through times of triumph and sorrow. Olatunde Sobomehin (Deputy Director), Sarah Woodward (Director of Art & Programs), Isaiah Phillips (Performing Artist, Lyrical Instructor), and Brysone Washington (HHH Participant) all wrote poems that speak to the heart and soul of MMAP. Below are two of our favorites.

by Isaiah Phillips
education inspiration…empowerment where
youth bloom like flowers and learn
to ride life’s breeze like a flower’s sent
incredible mentorship, spetacular mentor’s
innovation, creation, family, can’t you see
this entity give space to find identity
fighting what circumstances and roles life would give to thee
becoming what we are truly meant to be…

by Brysone Washington
A place that I can feel is a place I call home
A place that will never make me feel like I’m alone
A place so warm like the middle of the summer
A place that keeps me safe from the rain and thunder
A place with bright smiles and long loving hungs
A place to shed tears if no one else listens up
A place to inspire, empower and educate
Is a place that I hope will never go away

Thank you to the MMAP staff, youth, and volunteers who submitted poems for the CTK Foundation’s Heart & Soul 2013 Grant Awards!

HEArt & Soul at MMAP, East Palo Alto, December 2012

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