HEArt – Starr King

The 4th and 5th graders at Starr King learned about tricks that advertisers use to promote unhealthy eating options for kids.  Among other things, they were shocked to learn that 63% of foods advertised during kids’ TV shows are for junk food and that advertisers paint, glue and doctor food seen in TV ads.  Students digested the advertising gimmicks by creating their own advertisements for products that would normally be unappealing or boring.   The students considered popular advertisements and mascots that they’d encountered. Four groups got to take over the stage at Starr King to act out their commercials for toilet paper, perfume, a can of clams, and peanut butter.

Taeja and RacquelDorian

Photo 1: One group cleverly advertised their can of clams by having a beautiful mermaid as their mascot.  Racquel is pictured delivering clams to Taeja, the Mermaid.

Photo 2: Initially disappointed to get toilet paper as their product, one group’s creativity shined when the students decided to dress up like mummies. Dorian holds up the toilet paper roll and voices the commercial’s slogan, “Toilet paper: A mummy’s best friend!”

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