HHH 2012 is Off and Running!

HHH 2012 is off and running! This year, we’re doing it bigger than ever. Over the next five months, students will explore community development, economic empowerment and entrepreneurship, media, diversity, and personal identity all through the lens of hip-hop. We will dissect the history to formulate our own vision for the future. Traditionally, HHH only accommodates lyricists, but this year we have expanded to other areas of hip-hop. With over 30 students and four cohorts, we are learning dance, visual arts, beat production, DJing, live instrumentation, documentary production, and live performance to name a few. With a roster like that, I can’t even begin to describe the atmosphere that is created, so I won’t, have a look for yourself!

HHH 2012 Introduction from Mural Music & Arts Project on Vimeo.

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