HHH with the Alphas @ College Track

The HHH students have been working hard throughout the semester and our now beginning to create their final projects.  This week the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity from Stanford University came to HHH to assist teens in creation of their final projects.

Teens, Brothers, and Sisters gather for a group shot after a hard days work!




Alpha brothers and HHH co-director Grant help Malik and Michael with their rhyme and melodies, both teens will be showing off their lyrical talents through verse for the College Track Program night December 18, 2009.








Alpha President Brother Remi Sobomehin and HHH teen Xavier Alvarez create an original loop with a funky bass line and a jazzy blues guitar.






Sam and Jessica listen to the fresh beats being created before taking their turn..








Brothers and Sister help Ayela James with her spoken word piece.  Ayela is very talented and has chosen to write a song for her project, her mentors helped her explore different types of personal inspiration.






Shadie Shepard and Necy Benion work with Alpha brothers on a graffiti piece.  The girls will be creating a family themed poster for their project..



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