MMAP Leadership Spotlight – Monique Tillman

This summer MMAP was privileged to have Monique Tillman working with the Teen Mural Program and in the MMAP Office!  We want to show our love and highlight Monique’s talent and hard work this summer.  Monique wrote about her experience at MMAP this summer and created an original piece “Taking the Lead”  Thanks Mo!

My MMAP Experience – By: Monique Tillman

Educate, inspire, and empower youth through the arts. Working with MMAP this summer, I grew to understand why that is their mission statement. As a young adult I did not know I could  learn so much about my community while working with the Teen Mural Program (TMP), a program that employs disadvantaged teens to research, design and install a large public art mural. This year our theme was LEADERSHIP, so we, the TMA’s (Teen Mural Assistants) interviewed several community leaders who don’t always get the recognition they deserve. During our research process, I gained knowledge about how East Palo Alto is digitally divided from cities like Palo Alto. I also learned that East Palo Alto is home to the endangered California Clapper Rail bird. Living in EPA my whole life and not being aware of a lot that happens in my community came as a shock to me. TMP really made me realize that if I want to see positive change in my community, I have to be the one to step up to LEADERSHIP. With our research we had so many great ideas that there was no way we could have fit our brilliance into one mural. Therefore we have five new murals within the MMAP office.  Also being in the History through Hip Hop (HHH) cohort , I learned to transform the skills I’ve had as an MC to make positive music about leadership. Furthermore MMAP taught me a whole lot about myself and my community. I can truthfully say that I learned more on this job than any other job I’ve had in the past, and would enjoy being around to see MMAP keep growing.

Monique Tillman

Taking the Lead

By: Monique Tillman

M M A P has come through with the knowledge I need
To be a leader in my community
and embrace unity
Painting my dreams on a wall made me see how life is a canvass and I’m the centerpiece
So all I do is make music talking about Leadership
we all got it in us
we just need to with it
TMP handed me a mic and a paintbrush
and I took it with no fuss
because spreading Leadership is on us!

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