The Blueprint to Greatness: HHH 2013 Recap

“HHH is like a world with enough hope to give to the rest of the galaxy plus more. It helps me be better and have a better point of view on my community.”

– Eddie Gage, freshman at Eastside College Prep

History through Hip Hop 2013 explored the Blueprint to Greatness: The Dream, The Plan, The Hustle, The Grind, and The Success. Each of the five steps allowed students to muse on their personal ambitions as well as the amount of diligence required to reach greatness – the highest level of success.

Over the 18-week program, students walked away with an 11-track album, four original dances, seven visual art pieces, and a digital e-book. They also performed eight times reaching a total audience of over 2,300 people. Through creating art and performing live, students increased their artistic and academic skills, developed a strong and positive future orientation, and felt a greater civic engagement.

“HHH made me push myself, to points I never thought I’d be.”

– Adrianna Zaragoza, freshman at Eastside College Prep

The HHH crew preparing to rock the stage at Stanford’s Blackfest

Listen to and download the album at: HHH Bandcamp

View the HHH 2013 Album Booklet at: HHH 2013 Booklet

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