The Colormaster

Join us this Wednesday for an artist’s talk with MMAP’s Artist in Residence Scape Martinez and Bay Area artist HLOVE. In anticipation of the event, we asked Scape to tell us about his fourth and newest book “Colormaster” and the motivation behind it. Here’s what he had to say:

Since I was young, people would comment on how I would use color, and for the life of me, I could never understand it. I thought everyone viewed color as I did. Little did I know that wasn’t the case. A close friend once told me, “Bro… no one rocks colors like you… you should do a book called Color Master.” I listened, I took that in, and here it is!

“Color communicates because color is powerful, and powerful color is more powerful still.” – SCAPE

No matter what discipline or style I got into, color would play a major role in the work. At times it was a conscious thing. At other times, it was unconscious and something that just happened. But as time went on, I noticed connections that would happen that further pushed the importance of color to me as an artist and as a person.

This book sheds light on my views about color, and how I use color in my artwork. Color Master is the beginning of a conversation that I want to entertain and push forward. I want to share how important color is and how I “rock” colors in the abstract graffiti arena.

In part, my take is that this book will show how I use color to bring beauty and meaning and ultimately life to my work. My hope is that in turn, you’ll be able to do the same. You’ll be able to shout, scream, and push the boundaries of your art. The idea is to create and communicate in a way that graffiti letter structure cannot do by itself.

The use of color choices is meant to make your work even more meaningful, personal, and highly effective. My hope is that my message will spread.

Below is the book cover… ENJOY!


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