About Mural Music & Arts Project


The mission of MMAP is to educate, empower and inspire youth through the arts.

The mission of MMAP is to educate, empower and inspire youth through the arts. MMAP believes that art is integral to a thriving community life, and is a safe platform for risk-taking and creative expression. Connects disadvantaged youth with consistent, encouraging mentors and role models through art programs emphasizing community development, academic achievement, and their own positive futures.

Since 2001, young artists have researched, planned, and installed a public art legacy of 206 murals, and produced 162 songs. Along the way MMAP has served 12,264 students and has reached 33,300 individuals through live performances, art projects, outreach, and community events.

In 2015, MMAP hosted 12 programs that served 3,951 students, created 11 murals and 32 original songs, created and curated a permanent art exhibit at San Francisco’s Hall of Justice, and installed over 400 feet of public art in East Palo Alto Parks.

Since the start of 2016, MMAP has worked with almost 4,000 students on 374 art projects, reached over 4,000 community members through innovative arts programs, exhibits, and performance, and installed a 1,500 sq. ft. mural and over 120 pieces of traditional cultural art at the new state-of-the-art Ravenswood Family Health Center facility. In October, MMAP co-organized the Inaugural Bayview LIVE festival and concert featuring Grammy-nominated artist Jidenna, 7 emerging guest musicians, 15 HHH performers, and 12 large-scale mural installations by 12 emerging and professional artists alongside 20 youth artists. Over 2,000 people attended Bayview LIVE.