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Gateways to Science 2013

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

For the second summer in a row, MMAP worked in partnership with Dr. Bryan Brown, an expert literacy professor and researcher of Hip Hop culture, and five African-American Stem-major college students, to facilitate a six week-long program targeting six minority youth artists to use Hip Hop as a tool to teach science to fifth grade students. Together with Stanford REU: Gateways to Science Careers (G2SC), MMAP youth artists produced science music videos to introduce and explain science concepts to fifth graders. The lead instructors of the program were Demetric Sanders and Keith Cross. Keith is a current Stanford PhD candidate in Stanford’s School of Education and past Lyrical Director of MMAP’s 2013 History through Hip Hop program.

The Gateways to Science ’13 crew takes a quick break from shooting one of the two music videos from the summer.

Blood Line

Click to Play Song:  Blood-Line

This song uses a bus route as a metaphor to explain the circulatory and respiratory systems. The lines of the bus route represent the veins and arteries our blood moves through. While the passengers embarking and disembarking represent the cycle of oxygen being delivered from the lungs to the body tissues and the carbon dioxide traveling from our body tissues back to the lungs.


Click to Play Song: Band-Aids

This song explains the process of Scientific Investigation. To help explain the steps in the process, the lyricists use an allegory of a student who scrapes both of his knees and puts a band-aid on one to see if it heals faster.

Left: Demetric Sanders breaking down the steps of the respiratory/circulatory system. Middle: Yvonne Hammel drafting her lyrics to the fifth graders. Right: Adrian Johnson recording his verse.

Completed videos coming soon! Check back in a few weeks!

The Blueprint to Greatness: HHH 2013 Recap

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

“HHH is like a world with enough hope to give to the rest of the galaxy plus more. It helps me be better and have a better point of view on my community.”

– Eddie Gage, freshman at Eastside College Prep

History through Hip Hop 2013 explored the Blueprint to Greatness: The Dream, The Plan, The Hustle, The Grind, and The Success. Each of the five steps allowed students to muse on their personal ambitions as well as the amount of diligence required to reach greatness – the highest level of success.

Over the 18-week program, students walked away with an 11-track album, four original dances, seven visual art pieces, and a digital e-book. They also performed eight times reaching a total audience of over 2,300 people. Through creating art and performing live, students increased their artistic and academic skills, developed a strong and positive future orientation, and felt a greater civic engagement.

“HHH made me push myself, to points I never thought I’d be.”

– Adrianna Zaragoza, freshman at Eastside College Prep

The HHH crew preparing to rock the stage at Stanford’s Blackfest

Listen to and download the album at: HHH Bandcamp

View the HHH 2013 Album Booklet at: HHH 2013 Booklet

More on TMP San Francisco!

Friday, July 6th, 2012

While we all enjoyed our Wednesday July 4th holiday, there was no stopping our TMP San Francisco group from coming the next day with some great holiday stories, and, more importantly, some fantastic ideas involving voice.

Sparked by the controversial documentary “American Blackout” directed by Ian Inaba, our SF students explored how democracy is meant to empower and give agency to American people. The documentary covered the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections; the ways in which the voice of the people may have been ignored by government officials and people of congress during these elections; and how outrage, collaboration, and knowledge of their rights are extremely powerful elements when getting their voices heard. Needless to say, the film created a long conversation between staff and students revolving around how our voices alone may be ignored, but by collaborating with others and using creative venues to speak our minds, we can overcome injustices we may face. During Tuesday’s share out, Student Kian Randall wrote the following in response to “American Blackout”:

Through the eyes
of us all
As our heart
begin to fall
their tryna tell
us lies
try to take away
our rights
So we have
to fight
let the rain
wash away
the pain
the bloodshed in
our tears
so that we can
no longer fear
take action
Express your passion
No more good bye’s
a more hi’s
Come together
So we can make
things better.”

Thursday was also a huge milestone for our SF group. Yesterday, we were able to break up into our respective cohorts (visual arts, dance, and hip hop) and begin brainstorming for images, dance moves, and lyrics discussing voice! Our share out at the end of our Thursday class was amazing. The hip hop cohort’s share out included many students who were completely new to rapping; however, students like Toni Zachary, TMP veteran Jessie Tapafua, and new TMP student Trevor Kelly, all stepped up to the plate and came up with some impressive bars for the share out.

(Click below for a video of the share out and the students’ lyrics)

“What’s Your Vision of Success?” Hip Hop Cohort, TMP 2012

There are some truly amazing things coming and we can not wait to see what is in store for next week!

HHH 2012 is Off and Running!

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

HHH 2012 is off and running! This year, we’re doing it bigger than ever. Over the next five months, students will explore community development, economic empowerment and entrepreneurship, media, diversity, and personal identity all through the lens of hip-hop. We will dissect the history to formulate our own vision for the future. Traditionally, HHH only accommodates lyricists, but this year we have expanded to other areas of hip-hop. With over 30 students and four cohorts, we are learning dance, visual arts, beat production, DJing, live instrumentation, documentary production, and live performance to name a few. With a roster like that, I can’t even begin to describe the atmosphere that is created, so I won’t, have a look for yourself!

HHH 2012 Introduction from Mural Music & Arts Project on Vimeo.

MMAP Leadership Spotlight – Monique Tillman

Friday, September 17th, 2010

This summer MMAP was privileged to have Monique Tillman working with the Teen Mural Program and in the MMAP Office!  We want to show our love and highlight Monique’s talent and hard work this summer.  Monique wrote about her experience at MMAP this summer and created an original piece “Taking the Lead”  Thanks Mo!

My MMAP Experience – By: Monique Tillman

Educate, inspire, and empower youth through the arts. Working with MMAP this summer, I grew to understand why that is their mission statement. As a young adult I did not know I could  learn so much about my community while working with the Teen Mural Program (TMP), a program that employs disadvantaged teens to research, design and install a large public art mural. This year our theme was LEADERSHIP, so we, the TMA’s (Teen Mural Assistants) interviewed several community leaders who don’t always get the recognition they deserve. During our research process, I gained knowledge about how East Palo Alto is digitally divided from cities like Palo Alto. I also learned that East Palo Alto is home to the endangered California Clapper Rail bird. Living in EPA my whole life and not being aware of a lot that happens in my community came as a shock to me. TMP really made me realize that if I want to see positive change in my community, I have to be the one to step up to LEADERSHIP. With our research we had so many great ideas that there was no way we could have fit our brilliance into one mural. Therefore we have five new murals within the MMAP office.  Also being in the History through Hip Hop (HHH) cohort , I learned to transform the skills I’ve had as an MC to make positive music about leadership. Furthermore MMAP taught me a whole lot about myself and my community. I can truthfully say that I learned more on this job than any other job I’ve had in the past, and would enjoy being around to see MMAP keep growing.

Monique Tillman

Taking the Lead

By: Monique Tillman

M M A P has come through with the knowledge I need
To be a leader in my community
and embrace unity
Painting my dreams on a wall made me see how life is a canvass and I’m the centerpiece
So all I do is make music talking about Leadership
we all got it in us
we just need to with it
TMP handed me a mic and a paintbrush
and I took it with no fuss
because spreading Leadership is on us!