Teen Mural Program (TMP)

TMP is a summer employment program with local teens hired to research, design, and install a large public art mural in their community. Read More.

    The Teen Mural Program achieves positive developmental outcomes, reduces the risk of teens engaging in criminal and unhealthy behaviors, and combats the high teen dropout rate as TMP:

  • Provides a legitimate employment experience and on-site workplace training
  • Reinforces core curriculum subjects
  • Exposes students to art techniques

Health Education Through Art (HEArt)

Youth explore healthy lifestyles through visual & performing arts projects in the HEArt after school program. HEArt's curriculum explores Nutrition, Coping, Prevention/Awareness, Environmental Justice, Reproductive Health, and Advocacy Read More.

    HEArt also achieves the following outcomes:

  • Employs high school students and allows them to take a leadership role in assisting with classroom instruction and mentoring younger students
  • Teaches California State Board of Education Content Standards using an interdisciplinary, arts-themed curriculum
  • Reaches out to youth by using multiple learning styles and focusing on both the visual and performing arts

History through Hip Hop (HHH)

HHH is an after school program focused on the performing arts and targeting school retention and increasing literacy. HHH uses Hip Hop art and culture to inspire student interest in history and literature, and provides students with the tools to become a positive voice in their community by employing students to write, record, and produce original music. Read More.

    HHH also achieves the following outcomes:

  • Helps connect teens with modes of self-expression by teaching them to write, produce, and perform original songs
  • Increases interest in technology by teaching music production

Public Art Consulting (PAC)

PAC employs teens after school and during the summer to work along side professional artists to fulfill public and private art commissions. Read More.

    PAC also achieves the following outcomes:

  • Gives artistic teens an opportunity to gain professional art experience and to create their own portfolios and résumés
  • Creates revenue that helps sustain MMAP through fulfillment of income-generating art commissions
  • Retains skilled, professional artists to ensure high quality artwork, and develops teens' skills in art and business

Graffiti Arts Program (GAP)

GAP is an after school program in collaboration with the East Palo Alto Police Department. GAP aims to combat youth vandalism and graffiti crimes in the Silicon Valley by exploring the history and techniques of the graffiti art form. Read More.

    PAC also achieves the following outcomes:

  • Decreases entanglement with juvenile justice system
  • Encourages appreciation for artistic expression and property rights
  • Restores vandalized property and conserves public art

Community Arts Program (CAP)

Community Arts Programs serve youth ages 6 - 15 through various artistic projects, workshops, and community service days at the MMAP headquarters. Read More.

    Gateway to Science:

  • Creates a vessel for students to teach 5th graders about science
  • Enhances the learning ability of students through the avenue of hip hop

    Know Our Hood:

  • Teaches youth about the various ways one can achieve system change in our community (arts, service, community organizing, higher education, media production).
  • Instills a sense of community-driven values that empower young people to be agents of change in all aspects of their community.

    Open Studios:

  • Opens MMAP’s facilities to the surrounding community and engages the youth through various art projects, with the goal of creating environmentally sustainable art with recycled goods
  • Increases creative design and critical thinking skills.

    Summer Bridge:

  • Acclimates incoming East Palo Alto’s freshman to the school’s resources, faculty and staff, and the positive school culture.
  • Beautifies the facility and support students to develop a sense of pride for their campus.

Would you like to see MMAP at work? See the Mural Videos and learn more about MMAP's programs, music and artwork.