FIT Zones

The Mural Music & Arts Project educates, empowers, and inspires youth through the arts! Since 2001, over 2,445 MMAP youth have installed 180 murals, produced 100 original songs, and reached thousands of individuals through exhibits and performances.

The EPAPD’s FIT Zones Public Health & Anti-Violence Initiative is a community-driven effort funded by the California Endowment to improve pubic health and increase public safety. Within one year of partnership, gun violence has decreased significantly! MMAP collaborated with the EPAPD’s Fitness Intensive Training (FIT) Zones to help sustain the program, increase healthy behavior, and strengthen relations between the police department and community.
To assist in establishing FIT Zones’ permanence in the hot spots, MMAP installed murals, inspired by the community in Jack Farrell and Bell Street Parks.