Public Art Consulting (PAC)

PAC employs teens to support fulfillment of public and private art commissions.

    PAC also achieves the following outcomes:

  • Gives artistic teens an opportunity to gain professional art experience and to create their portfolios and résumés
  • Generates revenue that helps sustain MMAP through fulfillment of income-generating art commissions
  • Retains skilled, professional artists to ensure high quality artwork, and develops teens' skills in art and business

Talented teens are recruited to assist in the fulfillment of art commissions in this advanced art program. To date, MMAP has fulfilled 32 commissions consisting of murals, tile mosaics, sculptures, and music production throughout the Bay Area. 25 youth are actively involved with PAC in 2009, and over 150 youth have participated in various components of PAC projects.

Trader Joe's on South Market has commissioned PAC to assist in creating a "Community" Themed Mural.

San Jose Invida School has commissioned PAC to assist in a community service day and create a series murals for the community.

2013 Visual Projects

  • Fair Oaks Community Center Mural, Google and AdLife Commission, Designer Fund Commission

2012 Visual Art Projects

  • Veggielution Farm Mural commissioned by NVIDIA (Outdoor Kitchen Mural)
  • Hamlin School Theater Production Commission

2011 Visual Art Projects

  • Full Circle Farm Murals commissioned by NVIDIA (4 murals - Outdoor Kitchen Education Mural, Field Mural, Welcome Mural, & Planter Mural)
  • Hamlin School Floorcloth Commission
  • Nueva School Floorcloth Commission
  • 500 Start Ups

2010 Visual Art Projects

  • Orrick Canvas Commission
  • Cathedral School for Boys School Mask Commission
  • History Park San Jose Murals commissioned by NVIDIA (3 murals - Education Mural, Beekeeper Mural, & Welcome Mural)
  • Achieving Change Together (ACT) Murals at EPA Academy Elementary School
  • 500 Start Ups Mural

2009 Visual Art Projects

  • Achieving Change Together (ACT) murals in EPA in collaboration with Stanford University (3 murals - Spanish Kitchen, Empowerment, and Celebration)
  • Pagemill "Unity" Mosaic
  • Pagemill Holistic Farming Mural

2008 Visual Art Projects

  • Orrick Diversity Mural
  • Orrick Head-dress Commission
  • Woodside Priory Mural
  • Haas Center Mural "Leadership"
  • Roots & Fruits Loteria and Learning cards
  • Masonic & Stonestown Trader Joes Murals
  • SF and EPA College Track Murals
  • NVIDIA/Overfelt High School

2007 Visual Art Projects

  • East Palo Alto Police Mural
  • YFES "Roads to Success" Mural
  • "Where to?" Graffiti Mural
  • "Mapping Us"
  • Mary Secole Mural
  • Folklorico Mural
  • Respect Mural
  • EPACS Garden & Literacy Murals commissioned by NVIDIA

2007 Performing Art Projects

  • College Fair Performance
  • Health Fair Performance
  • Youth Summit Performance

2006 Visual Art Projects

  • Collective Roots Garden - Water Cycle Mural
  • All Stars Helping Kids - Mosaic Logo
  • Bay Road Housing Lobby - Mosaic Reliefs
  • Boys & Girls Club - Community Tile and Mosaic

2006 Performing Art Projects

  • Created on soundtrack for the ABC 7 Profiles in Excellence video
  • Collaborated on Hip Hop Health Campaign

Program Update

This past December The Mural Music & Arts Project staff, teens and alumni collaborated by painting over 1000 square feet of murals at Full Circle Farm in Sunnyvale, CA. It MMAP's 5th year working with Nvidia Corporation's community service event, "Project Inspire." The four murals beautify the outdoor landscape, celebrating the farm's flora and fauna and the many hands that contribute to the farm life and community. Lead artists included Sarah Woodward, Laura Nagle, Randy Reynolds, and Olatunde Sobomehin.