Public Art Consulting - Testimonials

PAC provides an opportunity for professional artists to share their experience and skills with underprivileged youth while contributing to a long-standing community art making legacy. Working with youth to unearth the stories of their communities through creative means lends to a revelatory process of discovering who we are within a particular time and place. This connecting, weaving if you will, is an invaluable experience in better understanding who we are today and who we can be tomorrow. -Rachel McIntire, PAC Lead Artist

From its beginning, MMAP has attracted the energy and talents of a diverse group of community members, professionals, and youth advocates. At the core of MMAP, young people find opportunity, seize it, improve their communities, and chart their own transformative paths. MMAP brings remarkable resources where they are needed most, and I'm so proud to be part of it. - Doug Overman, Deputy Director of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

I feel inspired each time I see our youth engaged with MMAP programs. It is also equally stimulating to be engaging and working with the other MMAP Board members. The board, staff and participants involved with this organization are truly extraordinary. - Michelle Deasy, Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch & Co

There are few programs I have worked with that have provided the professional, academic and personal support that MMAP has provided me. The opportunity to conduct primary source research on socially relevant subjects with esteemed professionals such as former Honorable Judge LaDoris Cordell and Dean Kramer of Stanford Law School have introduced me to professions and opportunities that are not often presented to students like myself. However, the most beneficial aspect of MMAP is not the opportunities presented, the chance to earn solid wages, or learning an amazing artistic process from credible artists, but the fact that I can look around in the community I love and see that I made it more beautiful. Although not perfect, I took part in making a better community. -Olaremi Sobomehin, Stanford University Student Artist

The Teen Mural Project was a great experience for me because I was able to gain research experience and exposure to art. Working with teens from other parts of the city was also great, as we were all able to bring our own unique experiences and backgrounds to the table. Because our theme was justice, I now have a great affinity for the inner workings of social justice system. -Marisa Conroy, High School Mural Artist